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Time zone : Europe/Istanbul
  • Country : Turkey
  • Capital : Ankara
  • Population : 77,804,122
  • Country code (Iso) : TR / TUR
  • Dialing code : +90 / 0090
  • Currency : Lira

Weather in

  • Temperatures : 0/0°C
  • Wind : km/h
  • Pressure : hPa
  • Air humidity : %
  • Cloud cover : %
  • Sunrise : 01 h 00
  • Sunset : 01 h 00
  • Daylight hours : 00 h 00

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Turkey Distances

Main cities in Turkey

Istanbul (Istanbul)14,804,116 inhabitants
Ankara (Ankara)3,517,182 inhabitants
İzmir (İzmir)2,500,603 inhabitants
Bursa (Bursa)1,412,701 inhabitants
Adana (Adana)1,248,988 inhabitants
Gaziantep (Gaziantep)1,065,975 inhabitants
Konya (Konya)875,530 inhabitants
Çankaya (Ankara)792,189 inhabitants
Antalya (Antalya)758,188 inhabitants
Bağcılar (Istanbul)724,270 inhabitants
Diyarbakır (Diyarbakır)644,763 inhabitants
Kayseri (Kayseri)592,840 inhabitants
Üsküdar (Istanbul)582,666 inhabitants
Bahçelievler (Istanbul)576,799 inhabitants
Umraniye (Istanbul)573,265 inhabitants
Mersin (Mersin)537,842 inhabitants
Esenler (Istanbul)520,235 inhabitants
Eskişehir (Eskişehir)514,869 inhabitants
Karabağlar (İzmir)458,000 inhabitants
Muratpaşa (Antalya)450,000 inhabitants
Şanlıurfa (Şanlıurfa)449,549 inhabitants
Malatya (Malatya)441,805 inhabitants
Sultangazi (Istanbul)436,935 inhabitants
Maltepe (Istanbul)427,040 inhabitants
Erzurum (Erzurum)420,691 inhabitants
Samsun (Samsun)394,050 inhabitants
Batman (Batman)381,990 inhabitants
Kahramanmaraş (Kahramanmaraş)376,045 inhabitants
Van (Van)371,713 inhabitants
Ataşehir (Istanbul)361,615 inhabitants
Şişli (Istanbul)314,684 inhabitants
Denizli (Denizli)313,238 inhabitants
Batikent (Ankara)300,000 inhabitants
Elazığ (Elazığ)298,004 inhabitants
Zeytinburnu (Istanbul)288,743 inhabitants
Adapazarı (Sakarya)286,787 inhabitants
Sultanbeyli (Istanbul)286,622 inhabitants
Gebze (Kocaeli)281,436 inhabitants
Merkezefendi (Denizli)280,341 inhabitants
Sivas (Sivas)264,022 inhabitants
Tarsus (Mersin)256,482 inhabitants
Trabzon (Trabzon)244,083 inhabitants
Manisa (Manisa)243,971 inhabitants
Sancaktepe (Istanbul)241,000 inhabitants
Balıkesir (Balıkesir)238,151 inhabitants
Adıyaman (Adıyaman)223,744 inhabitants
Esenyurt (Istanbul)211,330 inhabitants
Kırıkkale (Kırıkkale)211,138 inhabitants
Antakya (Hatay)210,000 inhabitants
Osmaniye (Osmaniye)202,837 inhabitants
Çorlu (Tekirdağ)202,578 inhabitants
Arnavutköy (Istanbul)198,165 inhabitants
İzmit (Kocaeli)196,571 inhabitants
Başakşehir (Istanbul)193,750 inhabitants
Kütahya (Kütahya)185,008 inhabitants
Çorum (Çorum)183,418 inhabitants
Siverek (Şanlıurfa)175,341 inhabitants
Isparta (Isparta)172,334 inhabitants
Büyükçekmece (Istanbul)163,140 inhabitants
Aydın (Aydın)163,022 inhabitants
İskenderun (Hatay)159,965 inhabitants
Viranşehir (Şanlıurfa)154,163 inhabitants
Uşak (Uşak)152,862 inhabitants
Aksaray (Aksaray)152,201 inhabitants
Kızıltepe (Mardin)150,174 inhabitants
Afyonkarahisar (Afyonkarahisar)146,136 inhabitants
İnegol (Bursa)133,959 inhabitants
Tokat (Tokat)129,702 inhabitants
Edirne (Edirne)126,470 inhabitants
Beylikdüzü (Istanbul)122,452 inhabitants
Tekirdağ (Tekirdağ)122,287 inhabitants
Karaman (Karaman)120,399 inhabitants
Nazilli (Aydın)119,370 inhabitants
Ordu (Ordu)116,788 inhabitants
Siirt (Siirt)114,034 inhabitants
Erzincan (Erzincan)114,027 inhabitants
Alanya (Antalya)112,969 inhabitants
Turhal (Tokat)110,884 inhabitants
Bandırma (Balıkesir)107,631 inhabitants
Turgutlu (Manisa)103,292 inhabitants

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